【E019】JUMP Velcro Chest Binder 黏贴束胸

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• 前面带夹层 平胸效果好
• 舒适微弹效果
• 包覆完全 不走位

• 吸湿快干 舒适畅快
• 车缝处不外露 凹式拉链设计
• 降低对皮肤的直接碰触

使用高弹力布料 准确包覆胸部👍


• 魔贴款:婴儿魔鬼毡、超轻薄静音魔鬼毡,穿着舒适服贴。。

• 台湾设计制造

[Features of Product]
• 3 layers front, 2 layers back, work to compress and flatten the chest without making it hard to breathe
• Adjustable velcro design allows you to flexibly adjust the chest width
• Comfortable and soft lining feels super-smooth & soft
• Material wicks sweat & dries really fast & light
• This material is breathable; easy on/off can be locked into place during wear with a quick push down
• Features more mobility for your arms and upper back offering a more comfortable fit without compromising front compression

50% Polyester/25% Elastane / 25%Interlining

[Wearing Types]
• Velcro binder: Ultra-light and silent velcro.

Designed and Made in Taiwan

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How to Wear

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