【UN】Noble+ Flexible Boxer 高弹性平角内裤

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成分:48% Modal Rayon 44% - Polyester - 8% Spandex

•NOBLE 意谓高贵,NOBLE+ 高贵中之佼佼者,比好还要更好
•NOBLE+平口内裤在颜色有古铜黑/铁灰 2种可选择
Item name: Boxer
Material: 48% Modal Rayon 44% - Polyester - 8% Spandex
Manufacturer: Designed and Made in Taiwan

• Adopted raw material of shrubbery wood which is woven products of Modal fiber that behave like second skin.
• Smooth surface and soft material.
• The colour will be brighter and the fabric will be softer after multiple washed.
• Colours available: Black and Grey.

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