【E003】MULTI Buckle Chest Binder 排扣束胸

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Size Chart

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Multi- 【释义】多重的、多方面的
例如:multi-cultural, multi-function

- 轻盈,舒适弹力效果
- 柔顺、弹力、似丝般触感
- 面料弹性好,包覆更完整
- 绝佳的色牢度及恢复力
- 手感柔软亲肤性高、容易保养
- 有极佳的吸湿快干


• 排扣款:四排五扣、不锈钢防滑扣,加厚柔软舒适。
• 注:3XL-5XL 是四排七扣。

• 台湾设计制造
Multi- 【Definition】multi-function

[Features of Product]
• Enhanced light, comfortable & elastic effect
• Soft and silky smooth surface
• Optimal elastic material that can completely cover the chest
• Excellent color fastness and resilience
• Skin friendly fabric & easy to take care
• Excellent water absorption and quick drying

Polyester, Elastic and Comfortable series

[Wearing Types]
• Buckle design: 4 rows, 5 buckles each row made out of antiskid buckle made of stainless steel and thickened material that soft & comfortable while wearing
• P/S: 3XL-5XL size comes with 4 rows, 7 buckles each row.

Designed and Made in Taiwan

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How to Wear

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