【E022】FREE+ Velcro Chest Binder 黏贴束胸

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• 大圆领设计。
• 轻薄凉感舒适,是透气首选
• 采用亲肤柔软纤维
• 吸湿速干,將汗水迅速蒸发不闷热。
• 增加穿搭性,减少肩带外露疑虑。
• 腋下自在,轻松活动自如

• 胸前三层面料:
  - 前片细格網布透气 + 中层束衬防激凸 + 内层棉布亲肤柔软吸汗
• 背部细格全網布
• 面料前後使用涼感細格轻量針織布。
• 滚边内含弹力橡筋加固支撑力。
• 精致车工,侧边併缝,提升穿着舒适度

• 魔贴款:婴儿魔鬼毡、超轻薄静音魔鬼毡,穿着舒适服贴。

• 台湾设计制造

[Features of Product]
• Round neck design.
• Thin and light weight knitted fabric with cool feeling, comfortable & breathable.
• Adopted skin friendly soft fabric.
• Moisture absorption and quick drying textiles enable move sweat out of the body.
• Increase wearability and reduce the concerns about appearance of the shoulder straps.
• Keep the skin from muggy.

•Three layers fabric for the front part:
  - breathable fabric at first front layer + buddle fabric at the middle layer to prevent protruding nipple + skin friendly fabric at the inner layer
•  Using fast cooling mesh knitted fabric at the back part

[Wearing Types]
• Velcro binder: Ultra-light and silent velcro.

Designed and Made in Taiwan

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How to Wear

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