【D90】Tank Top Velcro Chest Binder 外穿束胸背心

RM 220.00

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* 亲肤凉感内衬,跟夏日闷热说掰掰!
* 黏贴款式概念,随个人喜爱调整松紧程度!
* 领口完美车缝,不用再担心领口太低问题!
* 一件两式设计,就是要让你束胸背心一次搞定!
* 四款流行配色,快把大自然色系穿在身上! (云彩黑/蓝/绿、星空蓝 )
Dual layers design.
The binder has the appearance of a tank top with a half length chest binder as inner layer.
Chest binder is perfectly hidden within the tank top, so you can wear with total confident!
All Double Design Co. products are 100% Made In Taiwan to ensure top quality for our customers!

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