D'Mate Premium Quality Unisex Nipple Sticker 乳贴

RM 12.90


* Quantity: 10 pairs of disposable nipple covers in a pack convenient for daily usage and easy handling.

* Material: Non-woven fabric, soft material, lightweight, invisible, breathable, high viscidity adhesive.
* Product Feature: The nipple covers are made of non-woven fabric which is soft, superfine, breathable, and comfortable.The use of natural & environmentally friendly hot melt glue as an adhesive with high viscidity & stability enables users to wear safely & reliable. 

* Comfortable size: The nipple sticker is in 5.8cm diameter (round shape) can cover your nipples completely, firmly and invisible.

* Disposable feature: the petal nipple covers are lightweight and delicate, the small size and soft material make it easy to bring.

* Occasions: Suitable for anyone (male/female) & applicable at any time and anywhere, e.g. strapless dress to attend wedding or party, nipple show through T-shirt, swimwear, gowns, etc.
* Comfortable wearing: Made of soft satin, Lightweight, breathless, no harm to skin, Showing a smooth look with or without your bra.
They are so lightweight that you can feel nothing to cover on and invisible to see.

User guide :
Step 1: Clean your chest and hands with water & dry them.
Step 2: Remove the protective film and place it in the palm of your hand with the adhesive side facing up.
Step3: Tilt your upper body forward & leaning towards breast area, paste it onto the nipple then smooth the edges for a secure fit.

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